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Evangelists had erected an open-air tabernacle, and nearby buildings were covered with posters exhorting people to ‘read your Bible’ and avoid eternal damnation. A soda fountain advertised something called a ‘monkey fizz,’ and the town’s butcher shop featured a sign reading, ‘We handle all kinds of meat except monkey.’ As comical as this scene sounds, its background was anything but amusing.

If there was a consistent theme to the garish exhibits and most of the gossip in Dayton it was, of all things, monkeys. Sixty-six years after Charles Darwin published his controversial Origin of Species, the debate he’d engendered over humankind’s evolution from primates had suddenly reached a fever pitch in this hamlet on the Tennessee River.

With the same silver tongue he’d once used to excoriate Republican office seekers and decry U. involvement in World War I, Bryan had since promoted religious ethics over man’s exaltation of science.

‘It is better to trust in the Rock of Ages than to know the ages of the rocks,’ Bryan pronounced; ‘It is better for one to know that he is close to the Heavenly Father than to know how far the stars in the heavens are apart.’ Ever the rural populist– ‘the Great Commoner’–Bryan saw religion as the crucial backbone of agrarian America, and he reserved special enmity for accommodationists who struggled to reconcile Christianity and evolution.

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It went on to the state Senate, where objections were more numerous, and where one member tried to kill the legislation by proposing an amendment to also ‘prohibit the teaching that the earth is round.’ Yet senators ultimately sanctioned the measure 24 to 6.Efforts to enforce a new state statute against the teaching of evolution in public schools had precipitated the arrest of Dayton educator John T. His subsequent prosecution drew international press attention as well as the involvement of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).

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