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10-Oct-2017 11:27

There are also claims that the Welsh poet and genealogist Gutun Owain wrote about Madoc before 1492.

Gwyn Williams in Madoc, the Making of a Myth, makes it clear that Madoc is not mentioned in any of Owain's surviving manuscripts.

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Owain had at least 13 children from his two wives and several more children born out of wedlock but legally acknowledged under Welsh tradition.

They discovered a distant and abundant land in 1170 where about one hundred men, women and children disembarked to form a colony.

So right off the bat it’s clear this is a false narrative, and it only gets worse from there.… continue reading »

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Similarly, she may use obstacles – especially clothes or accessories like a hoodies or sunglasses – as a physical barriers to eye-contact.… continue reading »

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These habitats may be both cool enough during summer and offer a buffer against bitter winter temperatures.… continue reading »

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